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APL Hi-Fi DSD-S : 

ON DEMO AT THE SHOP - The DSD-S is APL Hi-Fi's mid-line Digital to Analog converter, specifically made for those enthusiastic audiophiles who search for a no compromise digital audio reproduction offered by an all-solid-state DAC design.
It is an all-hand-made boutique, designed and built with the best possible audio quality in mind for its price-range.
Just like the DSD-M reference converter, the DSD-S is inspired by vinyl sound quality, and it provides a comparable rich and spacious sonic character.
The DSD-S represents the culmination of our 25 years digital and analog design experience, as well as component selection knowledge.
From the double DSD processing rate, to the MOSFET Class A output stage, the DSD-S offers a high level of technology advancement and refinement.

The DSD-S is based on a modular design, allowing a cost-effective future upgradability of any internal stage.


Digital Processing
  • Proprietary asynchronous USB input module accepting DSD64 and DSD128, as well as PCM rates up to 384kHz/32bit.
  • Proprietary PCM to DSD converter module with DSD64 and DSD128 capabilities, user selectable.
  • S/PDIF digital input module accepting up to 200kHz/24bit PCM.
  • All PCM rates from USB and S/PDIF sources are processed to DSD domain, prior to D/A conversion.
  • Pure DSD Digital to Analog conversion module.
  • Paralleled Flagship DAC devices working in DSD only and a special mode we have developed, resulting in much improved audio quality.
  • Ultra-low-jitter Master Clocks.
  • Proprietary DTR input intended for connecting our digital audio transports.
Analog Output Stage
  • Extremely powerful, Pure Class A, unity-gain MOSFET output stage with very low output impedance.
  • Unique H-Attenuator offering a lossless volume control with 0.5dB step, negating the need of a preamplifier, wherever possible.
  • Passive DSD analog filtering and interstage coupling, featuring custom Lundahl audio transformers.
  • Zero Negative Feedback design.
  • No capacitors on the signal path.
  • No Op Amps on the analog signal path.
  • No mechanical contacts, relays or switches on the signal path.
  • Solid core Oxygen Free Copper internal signal wiring.
Power Supply
  • Oversized Custom P-Core balanced main power transformer.
  • Optically controlled, mechanical-contacts-free devices for main power switching control.
  • Delayed start for proper warm-up.
  • High grade, specially selected rectifiers and passive components.
  • Solid Copper wiring for power supply.
Convenience and mechanical
  • LCD display.
  • Microprocessor control memorizing last settings, including volume level for each input.
  • Infrared Remote milled from solid Aluminum blocks.
  • All-Aluminum enclosure with machined 10 millimeters thick front panel.
  • Five years warranty.


Digital Inputs
  • Two S/PDIF Coaxial digital inputs with WBT RCA connectors.
  • AES/EBU professional standard balanced digital input.
  • Note! S/PDIF, AES/EBU and Optical accepting up to 200kHz/24bit PCM.
  • USB input accepting up to 384kHz/32bit PCM, as well as DSD64 and DSD128 in DoP format.
  • All PCM rates from S/PDIF, AES, Optical and USB are converted to DSD64 or DSD128, user selectable.
  • DTR input accepting DSD64 and DSD128 using a proprietary connection with our digital transports.
Analog Outputs
  • Single Ended RCA outputs with WBT RCA connectors.
  • Output level - 2.1V RMS at 0dBFS.
  • Output impedance - approximately 15 Ohms.
Power input and fuses
  • IEC power inlet made by Schurter.
  • 120V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set.
  • Other power input voltages available on request.
  • 0.1A fuse for standby power.
  • 1A special Gold fuse by AMR for main power.
Dimensions and weight
  • W435 x H80 x D280 millimeters.
  • Front panel width - 450 millimeters.
  • Height with feet - 110 millimeters.
  • 8.5kg unpacked.
Included Accessories
  • Special power cable of our design.
  • Infrared Remote Control.
  • User Manual.
Optional Accessories
  • USB cable of our design.
  • RJ-45 cable for connecting to compatible digital transports.
  • Interconnect cables using DNM OFC wire with WBT RCA termination.
  • Reference PCC-M power cable.



€9,500.00 EUR




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