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Way Core audi power cable

Designed primarily for ultimate mono and stereo power amplifiers, integrated amps, and power distributors,
the flagship power cable CORE has exceptional sounding features and spectacular specifications.
The CORE power cable brings clarity and depth on the large music stage
with stunning sound definition, dynamics, details and balance.
It allows amplifiers a new and powerful life-like energy, revealing their true sound abilities
and providing a more emotional experience to music lovers while listening.
Flagship power cable CORE arrives with a new Unique Xtreme damping design solution for power cables UXD4.1-WAY.
It possesses three multi-CORE conductors MLT-WAY, made from 5N Single Crystal Silver for Line,
Neutral and Ground, each 3.15mm² in diameter (3×3.15mm² overall).
Every conductor has multilayer insulation COTEF-WAY
consisting of Pure Cotton with 1.3 Dielectric Constant sheathed with Breathable and Waterproof PTFE.
At the same time, the grounding and entire cable have separate braided shields of Pure Copper.

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Core Audio Power cable

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