• DC-901
  • DC-901


Accuphase DC-901 Precision MDSD Digital Processor : 

The DC-901 showcases Accuphase’s mastery of sophisticated digital technology and creative circuit topology. It is a digital processor designed to bring out everything the SA-CD format has to offer. A new technique called MDSD allows straight D/A conversion of the DSD signal. Multiple DSD signals delayed through digital processing in an ultra-high-speed FPGA are converted by separate D/A converters. After D/A conversion, summation of the multiple data is performed, resulting in an ingenious moving-average filter circuit with double-speed accuracy. An important characteristic of MDSD is the use of MDS type D/A converters which keeps conversion errors to an absolute minimum. At the same time, the MDSD circuit acts as a high-cut filter with completely linear phase characteristics. The end result is a digital signal of outstanding quality, allowing the music to emerge in perfect clarity, demonstrating the ultimate potential of the SA-CD format.

Features : 

  • Dedicated digital output only SACD/CD transport with ultra-high-speed FPGA for digital processing and highly accurate signal pickup
  • Ultra massive chassis construction and newly developed high-rigidity, high-precision SACD/CD drive
  • Sophisticated signal processing technology assures excellent signal quality also from conventional CD media
  • Single-lens/twin pickup high-speed access mechanism employs two laser diodes, one for SACD (650 nm) and one for CD (780 nm)
  • Accuphase’s proprietary high-quality digital audio interface HS-LINK
  • RJ-45 output (HS-LINK) for SACD and CD, and dedicated coaxial output for CD. HSLINK connection to DC-901 can carry both SA-CD and CD signals
  • Power supply with two high-efficiency toroidal transformers and custom-made high quality filtering capacitors (3000uF × 10) allows separate powering of signal processing circuitry and drive section
  • Display can show text data with disc title, artist information, etc.
  • “High Carbon” cast iron insulator feet with superior damping characteristics ensure quiet operation of both DP-900 and DC-901, and further enhance sound quality
  • Both DP-900 and DC-901 feature massive cabinets with wood finish
  • Ultra-high-speed FPGA harnesses digital processing power to implement innovative MDSD reproduction with double-speed high-precision moving-average filter circuit
  • Sixteen MDS type D/A converters driven in parallel. Each channel uses two Hyperstream™ DAC chips (ES9018) in parallel
  • “Direct Balanced Filter” performs totally separate analog low-pass filtering for line and balanced signal paths
  • “Direct Balanced Filter” provides totally separate analog low-pass filtering for balanced and unbalanced signal paths
  • D/A converter printed circuit boards made from glass fluorocarbon resin with low dielectric constant and low loss
  • EXTERNAL DSP input/output connectors (HS-LINK and optical) allow insertion of DG-48 in signal path
  • Seven digital inputs: HS-LINK, balanced, coaxial (2), optical (2), USB
  • Coaxial and optical digital outputs
  • Line and balanced analog outputs. Phase selector switch for balanced output.
  • Completely separate construction of digital and analog sections, each powered by a dedicated high-efficiency toroidal transformer



€21,499.00 EUR




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