• Allnic T-2000 (Ex. Demo, Black)
  • Allnic T-2000 (Ex. Demo, Black)


Ex. Demo, Black
Allnic Audio T2000 KT-150 stereo integrated amplifier : 

OUR DEMO MODEL IS FOR SALE !!! - Beauty, grace, and power... The Allnic Audio T2000 stereo integrated amplifier was one of the first amplifiers on the market to use the new KT-120 power tube. Along with amazing, revelatory clarity, incredible dynamics and drive, articulate and powerful bass, and standard setting low noise and distortion, the T2000 provides 100 watts per channel of push-pull, pentode power, or more than 50 SET sounding watts in triode mode; AND pentode/triode switching is “on the fly”. The T2000 offers finesse, delicacy and detail with stable, resolute power in the proverbial velvet glove.

Key features of the Allnic T2000 stereo integrated amplifier :

  • 100 watts of high power output in pentode mode
  • more than 50 watts of “SET like” power output in triode mode
  • "on-the-fly" pentode/triode switching
  • in-house manufactured, 41 stepped, silver contact attenuator
  • analog power tube current monitoring meters
  • exceptionally easy bias controls
  • "soft-start" circuitry
  • individual fuse protection for power tubes
  • one pair of RCA preamp outputs
  • four pairs of RCA inputs and pair of XLR inputs
  • 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 by factory order)
  • solid, high quality remote control
The T2000 stereo integrated amplifier offers stability, power and finesse, and incredible bass, dynamics and resolution in a reliable, easy to maintain, flexible – and stunningly beautiful - package.

Specifications : 

  • KT150 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
  • Output Power : 100w + 100w ( 2x 50w triode mode )

  • Tubes :
    4 x KT150 Power Triode
    4 x 6485 1st Stage Driver Tube
    4 x D3A 2nd Stage Driver Tube

  • Inputs : 4 x Analogue RCA / 1 x Analogue XLR
  • Outputs : 1 x Pre Out
  • Remote Control Included
  • Dimensions W x D x H : 430 x 430 x 240 mm
  • Weight : 40 kg
  • Available in Silver or Black

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Allnic T-2000 (Ex. Demo, Black)

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