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The DTR-MR is our reference digital audio CD/SACD transport, designed to work as a tandem with our top-line DSD-MR and DSD-SR converters.
It sends Pure DSD from SACD, as well as CD data in I2S format further converted to DSD in our D/A converters.
DTR-MR is specifically made for the most enthusiastic audiophiles who search for a no compromise digital audio reproduction from CD and SACD.
It is an all-hand-made boutique, designed and built with the best possible audio quality in mind.
It is based on a modular design, allowing a cost-effective future upgradability of any internal stage.


Digital Processing
  • Proprietary balanced digital connection to our DACs.
  • Pure DSD stream from SACD.
  • Ultra-low-jitter Femto Master Clocks.
  • Extremely pure digital signal path.
  • Capable of playing DSF files recorded on DVD-R.
Power Supply
  • Oversized Custom P-Core balanced main power transformer.
  • All-linear precision, low-noise regulators, independent for each digital circuit.
  • Optically controlled, mechanical-contacts-free devices for main power switching control.
  • High grade, specially selected rectifiers and passive components.
Convenience and mechanical
  • FLD display with custom selectable colors. Rose, Blue and Green. Please specify when ordering.
  • Ultra massive Aluminum and Acrylic composite support for the drive mechanism.
  • All-Aluminum precision-machined enclosure with 20 millimeters thick front panel.
  • 2-years warranty with an available 3-year warranty extension, with an online product registration. Please visit http://aplhifi.com/register/


Digital Formats Playback
  • CD at 44.1kHz/16bit PCM.
  • SACD at 2.8224MHz native DSD.
  • DVD-R with recorded DSF files at 2.8224MHz native DSD.
Digital Output
  • Special 10-pin digital output for connecting to DSD-MR.
  • AES/EBU and Coaxial Digital outputs. Please note these outputs work with CD only.
Power input and fuses
  • IEC power inlet made by Furutech, NCF series.
  • 120V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set.
  • Other power input voltages available on request.
  • 0.1A fuse for standby power.
  • 1A special Gold fuse by AMR for main power.
Dimensions and weight
  • W435 x H130 x D360 millimeters.
  • Front panel width – 450 millimeters.
  • Height with feet – 160 millimeters.
  • 20 kg unpacked.
Included Accessories
  • Special power cable of our design.
  • Special 10-pin digital cable for connecting to our D/A converters.
  • User Manual.



€22,000.00 EUR




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