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Focal Aria 948

Intense bass!

This is the flagship of the Aria collection.

For Us, one of the most musical serie of the brand.
Musicality, deep bass and full of life!

The Aria 948 loudspeaker symbolises the return of the 'true' acoustic loudspeaker.
A new type of 3-way loudspeaker with 81/4’’ (21cm) speaker drivers effortlessly providing intense and controlled bass.
The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music.
'Flax' cones are characterized by their natural sound, with low coloration,
their richness of reproduction in the midrange register and their tighter bass.
The result is a more homogeneous sound, improved dynamics. Aria 948 offers a classic and modern design.
This is the ultimate loudspeaker of the range for rooms measuring from 320ft2 (30m2) and from a recommended listening distance of 12ft (3.5m).
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Aria 948

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