• Arpege Reference 10


Audiomat Arpege Reference 10 : 

ON DEMO AT THE SHOP - Completely assembled by hand in Canada, in limited series, the Arpège Référence honors its well deserved reputation of reliability and resilience that characterizes all Audiomat products. The Arpège Référence is the entry level integrated amplifier of the Audiomat range. It is the upgraded version of the former acclaimed Arpège. The Arpège Référence also benefits from a wide range of design features acquired from the research and development experience of the whole Audiomat line of products.

The Arpège Référence metal chassis is doubled in the front panel with an elegant metacrylate faceplate. This translucent plate subtly reveals the innards and the glow of the tubes when lit up. The design is based on three 12AX7 tubes in the input stage and two EL34 tubes per channel in the power stage. It is important to mention that the amplifier operates in full class A up to half its power. The 50-pound Arpège Référence only boasts 30 watts, but it will drive difficult loads with authority. This kind of performance is the direct result of its uncommon and creative electronic design. The Arpège Référence features 4 ohm and 8 ohm speaker binding posts. Like all Audiomat products the Arpège Référence has undergone intensive microphonic behavior research. Since the creation of the brand, Audiomat products are delivered with three solid brass nickel-plated cones. Their positioning and tightening has been carefully studied to provide the optimum extraction of vibrations. This is why the Arpège Référence will perform at it’s best when placed on a stand designed with musicality in mind. The Arpège Référence and its predecessor the Arpège have been praised by European and North-American audio critics for their incredible high quality/price ratio, delivering a sound only equaled by products many times it’s price.

Type : Tubes Driver stage 12AX7 (3) Radiotechnique avionics series Power stage EL34 (2 per channel)
Configuration : stereo
Frequency response : 20 Hz - 28 kHz @ - 3 dB
Sensitivity : 300 mV
Inputs (RCA) : 4, unbalanced
Outputs (RCA) : 2 tape, unbalanced
Speaker connectors : Options 4 and 8 ohms
Power rating @ 8 ohms : 30 watts per channel, in pure
class A : until 15 watts
Volume control : Alps
Input switches : Lucas mechanical switch
Internal wiring : Shielded high-end wiring
Available finish : Black chassis, metacrylate front panel
Warranty (North America) Basic: 90 days
Extended: 2 years
Weight 22,7 kg - 50 lbs
Dimensions (w x h x d) 44.5 x 19 x 42.5 cm
17.5 x 7.5 x 16.75 in.


Arpege Reference 10

€2,800.00 EUR




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