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  • Erzetich Audio Bacillus Tilia
  • Erzetich Audio Bacillus Tilia


Erzetich Audio Bacillus Tilia - Sound Box With a Wooden Warmth : 

Bacillus Tilia is not only for the ones who adore excellent sound, but also for the ones who like having an object of art on their desk. Every Bacillus Tilia is different because every chasis is individually hand carved and painted with seven coats of four different varnishes, giving it the look of an aged piece of linden wood. Every unit is unique in its pattern. Using premium quality input capacitors and highest grade op-amps, this headphone amplifier sounds smooth as if you were listening to a tube valve amp, but with more verve and dynamics. Every piece of music is a spectacle on Bacillus Tilia, making you discover sounds and clarity you never knew existed. This is the most versatile headphone amplifier in our range. It just sounds fine on everything.

Bacillus Tilia is based on Bacillus technology, with some improvements:
better, premium quality, input capacitors
different op-amps
different chasis - linden wood with aluminium foil inside

Bacillus Tilia is a homage to the Slovenian heritage, where linden tree represents a symbol of the country.

Behind the Scenes
The first idea was to create another Bacillus with different electronic specifications (therefore the sound timbre) and in a different enclosure - in a glossy black wooden chassis with gold(ish) front panel, something resembling a concert piano. The procedure of creating this type of chassis was way too complicated and time consuming to keep the unit in a reasonable price range. There was some linden wood around the workshop and the experimenting began in various directions. Linden wood (lat.Tilia) is interestingly textured and easy to mechanically work with. In fact, it is used for (art and decorative) carvings. At the end the result of our various approaches became right the opposite of our primal idea: instead of glossy black finish it became artificially aged, rugged, wooden, while the front panel remained silver to keep a connection with Bacillus "classic". Tilia approach also made possible to have every unit unique in texture.

5 years warranty
Obbligato Gold premium quality pulse input capacitors
highest audiophile grade op-amps
double 180 MHz/250 mA Burr-Brown current buffer
Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer
no output capacitors
gold plated RCA connectors
silver interconnecting wire on input
on-board 2 x 15 V stabilized power supply

hand carved/artificially aged linden wood chasis

Headphone impedance: 8-600 ohm
Output power: 181.5 mW (8 ohm)/161 mW (600 ohm)
Frequency response: 3 Hz-500 kHz, -1dB
THD (1 kHz): 0.0002 %
IMD: 0.034 %
Power consumption:> 3 W
SNR: >104 dB
Power supply input voltage: 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D): 130 mm x 90 mm x 160 mm
Weight: 1010 g
Character: Silky neutral, slightly warm

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