• Balthus 50 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 50 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 50 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 50 (PAIR)


Davis Acoustics Balthus 50 (PAIR)

The Balthus 50 is the smallest column in the Balthus range.
It is nevertheless equipped with the same medium and acute speakers as its big sisters.
Discreet by its size, it will convince you by the veracity of its message and by the nervousness of its serious register.
The medium speaker works over a wide range of frequencies,
it will give the listening clarity and precision that we meet with our competitors on speakers much more ambitious (and therefore more expensive).
This transducer, which has undergone many changes since its creation, has made the reputation of our company for over 30 years.
The balance of the different registers is perfect.
Recommended for rooms of 20 m2, it is advisable to space them 2.5 m from each other, for about 3 m of recoil.
The placement of the speakers will be done by ear:
start by positioning the speakers parallel, then orient them slightly towards the listening area,
until finding the right sweet point (position where all the registers seem coherent and where you must feel an image in 3 dimensions).
If possible, make the final adjustment of your columns once the break-in has been completed (thirty hours of listening at a good sound level).

Davis Acoustics

Balthus 50 (PAIR)

€799.00 EUR




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