• Balthus 70 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 70 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 70 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 70 (PAIR)


Davis Acoustics Balthus 70 (PAIR)

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The Balthus 70 is the junior column of the range.
Discreet and slender, it uses the same transducers as the 50 model with an extra woofer, to strengthen the bass register and make listening even more enveloping.
The bass is fast, physical and authoritarian. Perfectly balanced, the Balthus 70 is a column capable of transcribing all types of music with amazing ease.
Its very good performance in power (when it is well fed) allows listening to the best realistic rock concerts.
At the same time, she knows how to sublimate on the voices or on pieces where finesse is required. Versatile,
the Balthus 70 can also become the centerpiece of a quality home theater system.
In this case, it will be necessary to associate the center speaker and the surround models of the range.
Ideally, the speaker will be powered by an amplifier of 80 W and more, and will be installed in a living room of 20 to 30 m2.

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Balthus 70 (PAIR)

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