• Balthus 90 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 90 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 90 (PAIR)
  • Balthus 90 (PAIR)


Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 (PAIR)

The Balthus 90 is the largest column in the range.
Slightly wider than its 2 little sisters, it contains 2 woofers 21 cm in diameter, which allows it to go down very low in the bass.
An impressive bass so that can fill a large living room without the reinforcement of a subwoofer.
A grave nevertheless firm and well defined, which does not drag, provided to be powered by a good amplifier.
The mid-high "magic", identical to the other models in the range, completes this column.
By obtaining a very wide bandwidth, the BALTHUS 90 immerses the listener in the heart of the music, without frustration.
From the organ to the cymbals, all the instruments of a symphonic orchestra are present with the same energy.
Which inevitably gives a pleasant sensation of realism.
If possible, combine amplifiers from 100 to 200 W per channel. Model to be placed in salons from 25 to 50 m2.

Davis Acoustics

Balthus 90 (PAIR)

€1,399.00 EUR




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