• Candeza Mini Bookshelf loudspeakers (PAIR)
  • Candeza Mini Bookshelf loudspeakers (PAIR)


AudioGE Candeza Mini loudspeakers (PAIR)

On demo at the shop!

Expo Model, perfect shape!!!

Candeza is our newest speaker line for today.
It excels at delivering dynamic bass and the musical articulation.
Its easy to drive nature and bass punch are compatible with a wide range of AV amplifiers and receivers.
Elegant design and aesthetic compactness. Designed to be cost effective speakers with classic design.
Candeza is a floorstanding speaker with best balance in price and size.
Slim, small and light cabinet will fit in any part of listening room,
variety of classic natural wood finishes will satisfy all tastes.b
Highly braced and CNC-machined cabinet.
This and balanced crossover gives incredible performance in all frequency scale.

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Candeza Mini Bookshelf loudspeakers (PAIR)

€499.00 EUR €1,099.00 EUR




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