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Analog Domain DAC1(V):

Angel Despotov and his team did their homework more than right and the result is the DAC, that continues the Analog Domain tradition with both aesthetics
and sound performance with bold and proud standing.
DAC1 embrace the transparency, lighting fast dynamic and balanced voicing.
DAC1 combines sleek, contemporary-German stylish looks with a vibrant hearth, that deserves a recognition.
The M5865 chip is almost exclusively used in the best professional equipment.
It's a 5-bit r2r-enhanced delta sigma, working at really high octane speeds.
This is, in fact, a 31-level ladder enhanced delta sigma because the actual ladder is not resistive.
It features a dual fully differential topology, that promises the lowest distortion of any DAC chip.
This particular concept has been taken further in the design of the DAC1 right up to the output - full symmetry of all subsequent circuits.
Angel firmly states how this practically eliminates the distortion. So this gives a hint about the refreshing and stand-out sonic impact.

  • Dac: 192Kz-24Bit delta-sigma.
  • Dimensions: 440x400mm, and is available in matching finishing options.
  • Inputs: 1x AES-EBU, 2x Spdif coax, 1x Toslink Opt.
  • Outputs: 1x L-R RCA unbalenced, 1x L-R XLR Balanced.
  • Height with feet: approx. 90mm.
  • Weight – approx. 12kg.
  • both 115/230V user- selectable.
  • Variable output preamplifier operation optionnal.
  • Finish: Black/ Black and silver.

Analog Domain


€20,200.00 EUR




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