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EFUSE 2000:

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If there’s a knot in your hose, you’ll only get a trickle of water out of it. That same principle also applies to quality Hi-Fi equipment. However, in this case, the knot is a tiny, thin wire that needs to be installed in virtually every single electronic device for safety reasons and through which all the power has to flow – a fuse. Fuses are designed to melt when a fault occurs that causes your device to draw too much power.
They are the state of the art right to this very day.But have you ever wondered how much better your equipment might work if it didn’t have a built-in bottleneck in the form of this fuse? Or, to put it another way – doesn’t your equipment deserve better?
We asked ourselves that same question and came up with our own solution: The EFUSE is an electronic fuse that is much more accurate, precise and effective than any conventional fuse and offers virtually no resistance to electrical current, thereby significantly improving the playback quality of your Hi-Fi system.


Efuse 2000 Powercable

€1,585.00 EUR




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