• Emma EVOlution (PAIR)
  • Emma EVOlution (PAIR)
  • Emma EVOlution (PAIR)
  • Emma EVOlution (PAIR)


Egglestonworks Emma EVOlution (PAIR)

These floorstand loudspeakers will have the studio monitor clean and precise sound style of the Nico,
With an extended bass response and dynamics.

When the original Emma was developed, the world witnessed a revolution in performance, quality and value.
The completely redesigned Emma EVO accomplishes the seemingly impossible task of improving on all of these areas.
As the top of the EgglestonWorks Artisan EVO series,
the Emma is the result of a comprehensive research and development program whose goal was
to create a range of affordable loudspeakers,
which maintain the sonic and aesthetic excellence for which EgglestonWorks has long been renowned.
The EVOlution embodied in the Emma first originated with the Viginti Limited Edtion speaker and then in the Kiva.
Both of these speakers feature a completely re-designed cabinet,
internal bracing and porting systems, which were new to any previous EW product.
In keeping with our tradition of trickle down R&D,
the Emma benefits from the exact same cabinet advancements as the much larger speakers in the line.
Redesigned drivers and crossover networks round out the improvements
to insure the Emma EVO attains the highest quality sound delivery possible.

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Emma EVOlution (PAIR)

€6,980.00 EUR




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