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Origin Live Enterprise C

Firstly, which arm is best for my particular deck and/or cartridge?

The answer is simply that all Origin Live arms work well with all decks and cartridges. Unlike many arms, there are no synergy or compatibility issues to consider.

Compliance: If you wish to optimise your cartridge compliance with the arm, we offer headshell weights of 2, 5 and 10 grams. Compliance matching is audible but of relatively minor importance compared to other factors in arm performance. Testing reveals that a poor compliance match with a better arm design will track and perform much better than a lesser arm with a perfect compliance match.

Secondly, how much should be invested in an arm due to the law of diminishing returns?

This question is more involved and the following points may help in coming to your own conclusions.

  • There is no point at which you will stop hearing the difference a better arm makes, regardless of your system.
  • Better arms reduce record wear due to reduced “chatter”
  • You get significantly better performance £ for £ upgrading an arm than you would by investing the same on a Cartridge.
  • Owning a better arm means you achieve better performance whilst running much cheaper cartridges. in the long run, this represents significant savings every time you need to replace your cartridge.
  • Consider a balanced investment across components in the front end of your system. If your phono stage is poor then you are best off budgeting proportionally. For Origin Live turntables we recommend front end split should be approximate:
    30% Turntable, 30% Tonearm, 30 % Phono-Stage, 10% Cartridge

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