• Armonico Speaker Cable (PAIR)


Fono Acustica Armonico Speaker Cable : 

Thermo-treated precious-metal conductors blended in proprietary ratios. A special geometry that must be formed by hand. Teflon- and air-insulated dielectrics with ultra-effective shielding. Large vibration-isolating tubing, supplemented with external anti-resonant African hardwood blocks, to reduce structural and airborne vibrations. Separate cables and resonance blocks for each signal phase—a costly approach that we found superior to shared geometries and networked terminations.

Termination using top-model Termination using custom made 24K gold connectors. Hand-soldered joints using alloy approaching 100% pure silver. In Armonico, through careful attention to design and materials we have created a resolving, dynamic, and refined Speaker Cable that is faithful to source in realism, and faithful to listener in the communication of musical emotion.

Fono Acustica

Armonico Speaker Cable (PAIR)

€20,086.00 EUR




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