• Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic
  • Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic
  • Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic


Franc Audio Accessories Ceramic Disc Classic Decouplers : 

Only 2 feet - box !  Black finish - Designed around 2007, the Ceramic Disc Classic is a top shelf model from the range of ceramic anti-vibration feet, perfectly suited for work with all audio components, speakers/monitors and turntables. With 19 carefully selected high grade materials which each foot is assembled on, sophisticated CNC machining and super hard ceramic balls, ceramic disc classic guarantee the most effective suppression of unwanted resonances and the best listening experiences. 

It is also the choice of reviewers on 6moons, HighFidelity, HifiChoice and Hifistatement, and the feet are used by them in their reference audio systems during tests of any audio equipment. 

Availability and finish : 
Set of 3 feet, packaged in a elegant black-satin box with protective foam insert.
Each set has their own unique serial number and certificate of authenticity signed by the founder. 
Finish - silver gloss, black gloss, white mat, other on request

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Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Classic

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