• Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Fat Foot


Franc Audio Accessories Ceramic Disc Fat Foot Decouplers : 

ON DEMO AT THE SHOP - The best for heavy and extra heavy audio components, speakers, turntables, stands, racks, platforms and audio furniture. Excellent for replacing original footers mounted by producers in audio components, speakers etc,. Sophisticated CNC machining technology, carefully selected high grade materials and super hard ceramic balls guarantee the most effective suppression of unwanted resonances and best listening experiences. 

Wide range of addition screw (M6, M8, M10) allow to install ceramic disc fat foot in many possibilities and directly to audio components, racks, furniture etc. If you audio component/rack/speaker has their own spikes you can also install it at the fat discs without un-mounting original spikes - just drop component with their spikes in to the holes in the centre of the disc.

Availability and finish :
Set of 3 or 4 feet, packaged in an elegant black-satin box with protective foam insert.
Each set has their own unique serial number and certificate of authenticity signed by founder.
Finishing - black gloss, other on request

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Franc Audio Ceramic Disc Fat Foot

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