• G1 Mark II Active subwoofer
  • G1 Mark II Active subwoofer
  • G1 Mark II Active subwoofer
  • G1 Mark II Active subwoofer
  • G1 Mark II Active subwoofer
  • G1 Mark II Active subwoofer
  • G1 Mark II Active subwoofer


REL G1 Mark II Active subwoofer

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Since 90 percent of the energy produced by a system resides in the bass regions,
You want to approach the live music enrgy feeling... this one is made for you.
It will add the bottom informations you are missing in your system without any boomy effect!
You will rediscover your favorites tracks...

Retained is the classic curvilinear cabinet,
with its shape carefully engineered to cancel standing waves as they travel rearward through the cabinet.
The laminated hardwood bracing reminiscent of musical instruments still finds a home—though re-configured for even greater rigidity.
The amplifier is powerful, yet highly controlled and ultra-reliable 600w Class A/B with new limiters
that allow almost 40% more power being delivered without compression.
The driver—the heart and soul of any REL– has been dramatically upgraded with greater fore-and-aft stroke,
a more supple suspension and the ability to handle greater dynamics.
This new version is now capable of 112 dB output. expands the performance horizons of the original in every way,
whilst retaining its core strengths of dignified beauty coupled to even more savage output.
Natural Floor To Ceiling Bass
When we experience bass in real time out in the world, it occurs with height to it.
  • It strikes our sinuses,
  • it kicks at our chest cavities,
  • it rumbles along the floor conveying power authority and majesty.

Reference Line Arrays are the magic element missing from so many otherwise state of the art systems.
This air, transparency and, of course, effortless power that Reference Line Arrays convey can’t be imagined,
it can only be experienced in person.
Our Reference Line Arrays permits bass to emerge more naturally,
adding a height component in how it propagates throughout the room.
The bottom unit reinforces the deepest overtones,
creeping and rumbling across the floor to produce room shake.
The middle location provides crisp attack and articulation of kick drums or any transient-based event.
The unit imparts the flutter and shimmer of all manner of instruments floating in air.
Making Reference Line Arrays the Holy Grail of the REL experience and is only available with our Reference products.

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G1 Mark II Active subwoofer

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