• G1 MKII bass line array
  • G1 MKII bass line array
  • G1 MKII bass line array
  • G1 MKII bass line array


REL G1 MKII bass line array

The price is including de optionnal stack ray.

For more info's:
Normal price for 3 Units: 16377€
Normal price for 6 units: 32754€

Line Array (RLA) produces several benefits;

the bottom unit couples firmly with the floor producing the deepest bass,
leveraging the largest support plane in the room—the floor.
Think of the rumble of the largest pipes in a pipe organ as the purview of the bottom anchor unit.
The bottom unit reinforces the deepest overtones,
creeping and rumbling across the floor to produce room shake.

Moving vertically up the stack,
the middle unit is responsible for the attack modes;
lower-to-middle bass modes such as pistonic kick drums or aggressive special effects in movie sound tracks.
The middle location provides crisp attack and articulation of kick drums or any transient-based event.

the top unit–de-coupled fully from the floor and ceiling in most rooms– produces the light,
feathery infra bass that only occurs in nature typically.
These subtler shades of deep bass are responsible for the sense of vastness when we enter a large cavern or hall.
Wired into our old brain, the uppermost unit communicates size, spatial detail,
and decay patterns to a degree rarely encountered in a sound reproduction system of any size or price.
The unit imparts the flutter and shimmer of all manner of instruments floating in air.

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G1 MKII bass line array

€16,999.00 EUR




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