• Helena 10.5 inch


Kronos Helena 10.5 inch Tonearm : 

The Helena 10.5 inch tonearm is specially made for the Kronos Sparta Turntable 

Specifications : 
Effective length : 266.7 mm
Effective mass : medium
Overhang : 15.4 mm
Pivot to spindle distance : 251.3 mm
Maximum tracking error : 0.0159
Cartridge weight compatibility : 7 to 16 grams
VTA adjustments : coarse and fine up to 1 inch
Azimuth adjustments : coarse and fine
Bearing type : proprietary ball and spherical mirror uni-pivot
Arm tube characteristics : double wall high modulus carbon fiber composite
Outer shell : 3k 50t fibers, variable thickness and fiber orientations
Inner tube : uni-directional fibers, selected wood fairings between tubes, hand
polished cellulosic lacquer finish
Arm lift : hydraulic dampened


Helena 10.5 inch

€9,500.00 EUR




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