• Millenium MK4
  • Millenium MK4


Lyngdorf Millenium MK4 : 

The Millennium Mk IV is the Lyngdorf Audio signature amplifier. It is well known for its speed, accuracy and incredible dynamic range. The Millennium Mk IV is much more than an amplifier. Some call it a "power DAC," but in fact it is a complete digital control center capable of replacing a D/A converter, equalizer, pre-amplifier, and power amplifier. With a maximum output current of staggering +/- 60A, the Mk IV ensures that even the toughest speaker load will be controlled effortlessly. Chassis design is elegant and simple, marked by a striking aluminum front plate and an eye-catching volume wheel.

True Digital amplifier

With a True Digital Amplifier, nothing gets between you and your sound. You will find no digital-to-analog conversion in the Millennium Mk IV; the digital signal drives the speakers directly, with no translation and no middleman. The signal follows an unbroken fully digital signal path without sound-deteriorating conversions. What does that mean for you? This unique and technically demanding solution offers noiseless replay at all sound levels, an unsurpassed dynamic range, and the purest sound possible.

Power Supply and Volume Control
Lyngdorf Audio true digital amplifiers are based on non-feedback construction, which means there are no differences in the THD performance at any frequency when it comes to the output stage. In other words, distortion is very low and linear. In addition, Lyngdorf Audio power suppliers use a toroidal transformer. This offers significantly less magnetic radiation than a conventional C or El core transformer, and thus less noise. The supplies for the output stage and the microprocessors are kept completely separate since they use separate windings on the transformer. Lyngdorf Audio’s amplifier power supplies actually work as volume control. When you are playing at low volume levels, the voltage supplied to the output stage is low; when you turn up the volume control you increase the voltage, and thereby the output. The result of this truly unique volume control is that a Lyngdorf Audio true digital amplifier provides full dynamic range from maximum volume down to the 62dB reading in the volume control. Reviewers are convinced; one of the most praised elements of Lyngdorf Audio performance is that our amplifiers play equally well at both high and low volume levels.

The powerful DSP "engine" allows you to customize a speaker set-up to your preferences. The built-in x-over filter functionality allows you to control conventional passive speakers, substitute the normal x-over in a 2-way speaker, or use it as the x-over filter between main speakers and woofer(s) - e.g. in a Lyngdorf Audio 2+2 set-up. Also, multi-way systems can be controlled using daisy-chained Lyngdorf Audio products. For example, you can use a single amplifier as the "master" of the system to handle the high range (treble) and send the low-pass filtered signal to a "slave" amplifier, which then powers the midrange. The “slave” then sends a further low-pass filtered signal to a power amplifier that handles the bass frequencies. When combined with other Lyngdorf Audio products, the DSP allows a wide range of system configuration options. The DSP also offers a global equalizer including a very powerful "broadband" voicing equalizer allowing you to "tilt" the sonic balance to your personal preferences. Gain control (left/right and main/line channel) for optimum balance adjustment and delay control (left/right and main/line channel) for optimum time alignment ensure that the sound from different drivers or speakers will arrive simultaneously at the listening position.

Input (Minimizing Jitter)
Every Lyngdorf Audio R&D test has concluded that keeping phase noise as low as possible in the clock system is the single most important factor in minimizing jitter. Typically, jitter is heard as high frequency distortion. That's why Lyngdorf Audio has always given the design of the clock a very high priority.
We also employ specialized low-noise design techniques to reduce digital interference and to give better working conditions for critical parts such as the modulator (PCM -> PWM) and converter, both of which are especially sensitive to noise. The result of this meticulous design philosophy speaks for itself: pure, clean, natural sound reproduction.

Millenium MK I/II - MK III Upgrade
If you are the owner of a Millennium Mk I/II, Lyngdorf Audio offers an update kit including:
A new single chip high-end modulator for improved performance
Improved master clock generation for better signal to noise ratio.
A new powerful DSP section and a high performance DAC for the analog line out, offering the possibilities of creating two-way crossover filters for active speakers and/or 2+2 speaker systems. Also, the DSP features a very powerful equalizer.
A new in/output module adding optical input, RS 232 in/outputs as well as analog outputs for biamping and 2+2 speaker system.

Due to the mechanical and electrical changes on the Millennium Mk IV, the Millennium Mk III cannot be updated to Mk IV. However, the DSPs of the two products are identical and they use the same firmware. Should changes be made to the DSP hardware or firmware, this can still be upgraded on a Millennium Mk III.

Output power, 4 ohms : 2 x 300 Watt 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N
Output power, 8 ohms : 2 x 150 Watt 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N
Nominal load impedance : 4 - 8 Ohms It is safe to operate the amplifier with no load
Frequency response 0.3Hz-33KHz : -3dB points, 8ohms load.
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz : -0dB/+0.2dB 8ohms load
Output impedance 0.020 Ohms : 20Hz-1KHz
Output impedance 0.2 : 20KHz
THD+N 0.01% @1W/8 ohms A-wgt.
THD+N 0.015% @1 W/4 ohms A-wgt.
THD+N 0.06% @100 W/8 ohms A-wgt.
THD+N 0.02% @300 W/4 ohms A-wgt.
S/N ratio : 113dB A-wgt. Ref. 200 /8 ohms
Dynamic range : 140dB A-wgt. Ref. 200 W/8 ohms
Channel separation : 100 dB 1 KHz, 200 W/8 ohms
Peak output current : +/-50A
Power consumptio: Standby mode : 3 W
Power consumption 2 x 300 W / 4 Ohms : 800 W
Width : 450 mm
Depth : 445 mm Incl. loudspeaker connectors
Height : 145 mm Incl. feet
Weight : 25.4 kg


Millenium MK4

€11,999.00 EUR




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