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New WAY Cables product,

ethernet audio cable MIND reach ultimate sound results and is developed to take the leading role for the network connection in High-End audio systems.
Capital sonic features of MIND ethernet audio cable are stunning balanced full-bodied sound
and deep background silence that creates a huge music stage with exceptional tonal accuracy.
This has been achieved by unique design UXD5-WAY™ focused on the needs of network audio electronics,
with separate and multilayer shielding, premium materials and completely manual production that exceeds Cat8 standards.
MIND ethernet audio cable has a high bandwidth capacity and at the same time fully protects data transmission from any interference that degrades the sound.
Ethernet audio cable MIND will show exceptional sound outcomes when used for the transmission of digital audio records
stored on the Network Audio Server/Library device to the external DAC/Streamer, and it is equally effective for online high-resolution music streaming.
In short, MIND has unattainable properties over industrially manufactured ethernet cables.

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Mind Ethernet Cable

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