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The specifications on INVICTA Mirus XLR and RCA outputs exceed those of the regular INVICTA.
Specification of the first batch of MIRUS are now available. We have been able to guarantee significant enhancements: MIRUS Dynamic Range exceeds 130dB and THD+Noise exceeds 114dB. See the list of specifications. Many readers are asking what is different about this mid-2013 upgrade to the INVICTA product line.

You can read the FAQ but in summary these are the differences:

All PCBs have been revised based on our experience with the production of INVICTA over the past two years.
The Headphone output is now generated by the ESS Sabre DAC ES9018 rather than the ES9016 of the first generation.
The front panel is modified to show additional high sample rate LEDs.
DSD (both 64 and 128) is now supported: you can use USB or the SD Card as the data source for DSD programs. We support DFF and DSF formats on the SD Card.
We have doubled the sample rate: you may now provide audio data at up to 384kS/S.
The front panel and the cover are redesigned to highlight the DSD capability and reduce the internal temperature.
We have added a slot in the front panel to increase the IR sensitivity
The unit now operates with the Apple Remote Control

A cosmetic upgrade: the OLED Display is now white rather than the original blue color.

Mirus inherits all the improvements of the INVICTA mentioned above.
The headphone module is removed and a second ESS Sabre DAC ES9018 is added to the back-panel XLR and RCA outputs.
This allows a total of eight ES9018 channels for each stereo output. The THD and noise are thereby improved even further than on the INVICTA.
The second generation INVICTA and INVICTA Mirus are hardware and firmware upgrades to the existing first generation INVICTA.
But the good news is that the firmware to support DSD and the higher sample rates is compatible with first generation INVICTAs.

(The firmware upgrade also enables the Apple Remote Control on the first generation INVICTAs)

Width : 22.0cm (8.66)(in)
Depth : 28.2cm (11.10)(in)
Height : 5.0 (1.97) cm (in) Including feet / 4.4 (1.73) cm (in) Without feet
Weight : 2.9 (6.4) kg (lb)
Operating Voltage
110 – 130 V AC 60Hz, 115v setting
220 – 250 V AC 50Hz, 230v setting
Fuse Rating 115v 500 mAmp Slow Blow, 250V, 5mm x 20mm
Fuse Rating 230v 250 mAmp Slow Blow, 250V, 5mm x 20mm
Power Consumption :30 Watts

SD Card File Format : DSF, DFF, FLAC,WAV, AIFF Up to 384kS/s, 24bit

XLR Output
Amplitude 4.6 ±5% Vrms At 0dB volume
Impedance 78 ±1% ohm
Distortion + Noise 1kHz < -114 dB < 0.0002%
Dynamic Range > 130 dB A-weighted
Frequency Response
< 0.25 dB at 20kHz 44.1kS/s
< 1.0 dB at 50kHz 192kS/s

< 3.0 dB at 80kHz 192kS/s

RCA Output
Amplitude 2.3 ±5% Vrms At 0dB volume
Impedance 39 ±1% ohm
Distortion + Noise 1kHz
< -114 dB
< 0.0002 %
Dynamic Range > 125 dB A-weighted
Frequency Response
< 0.25 dB at 20kHz 44.1kS/s
< 1.0 dB at 50kHz 192kS/s
< 3.0 dB at 80kHz 192kS/s

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