• Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet
  • Mojo (pair) +feet


Davone Mojo + feet:

ON DEMO AT THE SHOP - The big problem with most small speakers is that they sound small. Just 30 cm tall, the Mojo’s have a habit of repeatedly defying expectations, by projecting a soundstage as big and spacious as large floorstanding loudspeakers. Indeed, instead of putting the band in your room, the Mojo’s put you inside the recording venue. Position it with care and you will be repaid with a tangible soundstage that presents music with startling presence.

Frequency Range (Hz) : 50-20000
Impedance (ohm) : 4
Sensitivity (dB/2,83V/1m) : 86
Drivers : 3"/6"
Cross Over : 200
Bass Reflex -
Cabinet (layers/ hot or cold press) : 6/cold
Dimensions (H x W x D) in cm : 30 x Ø26
Weight (kg/pc) : 4.5


Mojo (pair) +feet

€1,500.00 EUR €2,247.00 EUR

Black cloth+mapple cône



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