• Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)


Cube Audio Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)

The best of the twoo worlds!

Nenuphar Basis has been updated to version 2. You can expect it now to be have even more bass, higher top end extension with slight reduction of upper mid-range at the same time.

With the refinement of the broadband and the adjustable bass reinforcement,
you will be able to develop a system of rare quality in terms of dynamics and transparency close to the reality of a concert.

Non filtered high frequencies with active bass, the royal way to reproduce music !!!

On the contrary the fullrange drivers are well known to have the amazing magic in their sound.
The absolute sound from the traditional fullrange speakers lack treble, bass,
and more often than not have a shouty exaggerated midrange.
For many years now we perfected the fullrange drivers to the point of perfection.
Amazing review and happy audiophiles feedback only confirm that have the most amazing fullrange drivers,
that for most cases can provide a really fullrange sound in proper room and setup conditions.

What we were not comfortable with though was a huge 40 meters square or difficult rooms.
That is why we went for active bass units. Sealed cabinets,

200W AB class amp with superb control and very fast 12" & 19 Hz resonance woofer allows Nenuphar BASiS to solve all of the loudspeaker headaches.
You can place your speakers in the position providing the best soundstage and openness,
or simply where they need to be for practical aesthetic reason,
and just by turning an active sub knobs adjust the amount of the bass to your preference in rooms up to 100 square meters.
This solution guarantees amazing sound no matter the room and amp performance in the bass region.

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Nenuphar Basis MKII (PAIR)

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