• Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)


Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini Monitor

Floorstands included!

Single driver loudspeaker based on Cube Audio F8 Neo. We had plenty of questions about smaller bookshelf loudspeakers.

We decided to go with a very effective bass-reflex enclosure to offer amazing bass response and keep compact cabinet size.
Modern, elegant design and high-quality black or white piano finish make the loudspeaker a beautiful addition to every style of interior.

All drivers and loudspeakers are handmade in Poland. Pursuing the highest quality and longevity,

the manufacturing process involves both artisan craftsmanship and modern precise computer-controlled CNC machines.
We believe that fullrange speakers can create an illusion of live music that multiway loudspeakers struggle to match.

Amazing soundstage,
absolute holography,
magical midrange,
open and direct sound that gives you the most emotional presentation possible of your favourite music.

If you have ever heard a good implementation of the fullrange speaker, you know exactly what we are talking about.

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Nenuphar Mini Monitor (PAIR)

€12,900.00 EUR




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