• Nika MKII
  • Nika MKII
  • Nika MKII
  • Nika MKII
  • Nika MKII
  • Nika MKII
  • Nika MKII


Audel Nika MKII

On demo at the shop!
Expo Model.

Perfect shape!
Very cute Fullrange speaker!

Very compact, beautiful finish, very nice sound!
the dream continues ...

A deep update for the most known Audel product in the world.
Nika is not just a choice! Nika is a listening philosophy, a primary thought,
Nika is Audel!Art applied to sound
New bamboo driver
The choice of fullrange to guarantee fluidity, timbre coherence and linearity in the whole range.
The search for the finest driver to ensure maximum emotion!
Nika is a very small speaker with an amazing sound dimension.
The extension in the low range and the transparency in the high range make nika a Highend product
that is difficult to overcome by the competition, for the same size.

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€999.00 EUR €1,499.00 EUR

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