• Encounter MK3C


Origin Live Encounter MK3C Tonearm : 

ON DEMO AT THE SHOP! Encounter builds on the outstanding performance of the Zephyr by improving the design and quality of many critical components. This is not just a development, but a complete redesign.

The entire yoke and base are different from the fully gimballed tonearms below it in the range. These structures contain the horizontal and vertical bearings and so play a large part in determining the sound.

The result is appreciably tighter, deeper and more authoritative bass allied to increased focus, stability and resolution across all frequencies. Tonal balance is more neutral and the soundstaging more realistic, bringing a wonderfully tactile and ‘live’ feel to the music, with a superlative sense of air and space.

To understand how much a high end tonearm can improve the sound of your system, see  “Why Tonearms really matter”.

This explains why Origin Live products have cutting-edge performance and provides an in-depth explanation of many facets of their design. Scroll Down for online ordering and product information.


• carbon-fibre and ebony hybrid armtube

• revolutionary dual-pivot bearing to handle vertical arm movement

 specially decoupled, low friction bearings in the base to handle horizontal arm movement

• high-grade Internal Litz wiring with 6mm upgrade external cable and RCA plugs

• integral VTA adjustment

• fits all Rega armboard cutouts – old style threaded base or new 3-point mounting

Origin Live

Encounter MK3C

€1,640.00 EUR




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