• Resolution Turntable ex.demo


Origin Live Resolution Turntable : 

Our demo model at a nice price!

Double arm base version (without arms).

 - Combining superb sound quality and aesthetic elegance, the Resolution MK4 turntable is designed to recreate the original musical performance in its entirety – with excellent dynamics, transient speed, definition and tonal accuracy. A true high definition instrument, Resolution stands high above its price rivals with a performance that reminds you why vinyl is held in such high esteem. Every aspect of its audio performance is extremely strong, making for an unerringly enjoyable listening experience. Experienced High End dealers rate the performance of the Sovereign 3.2 (introduced in July 2016) above decks in excess of 100K.

Thanks to extensive research into turntable design, great care has been taken to decouple the main bearing and armboard from their surroundings, and Resolution also sports a number of other detail upgrades including a superior drive motor. The result is an attractive turntable that offers genuine high end performance at a still relatively affordable price.

Options include a 12 inch arm mount, or dual armboard, for more information and how to order these specific items please contact us at : info@belhifi.com


  • Oil Filled platter bearing with hardened ball bearing running on hardened thrust pad for low friction and long life
  • Special low drag oil with high strength viscous layer - Lower friction means decreased vibration and faster speed recovery under dynamic loads imposed by demanding musical passages.
  • Flat anti-static belt manufactured in house using special material that increases grip and reduces stretch under instantaneous loading - increased dynamics and deeper bass performance are most noticable benelfits.
  • Low vibration DC Motor with highly regulated supply - Ensures smooth drive with minimal colouration.
  • Non metalic, special plastic pulley enables maximum belt grip, resulting in increased definition and dynamics.
  • Adjustable Feet for easy leveling
  • Single point cantilever suspension of the sub-chassis - unique, in being neither solid nor suspended - This avoids the softing of leading edges observed in many suspended designs and also avoids the hardness noticed in many non-suspended designs.


  • Weight : 13.9kg
  • Dimensions of footprint needed for support : 45x38x18cm
  • Overall size including overhangs underlined : 52x42x17cm

Origin Live

Resolution Turntable ex.demo

€3,200.00 EUR €3,749.00 EUR




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