• Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)
  • Touch F10 (PAIR)


Reflector Audio Touch F10 (PAIR): 

ON DEMO AT THE SHOP ! Reflector Audio Touch loudspeaker line was crafted to achieve extraordinary performance from 2-way passive acoustic design. F10 is the most powerful floor-standing loudspeaker model from Touch line featuring very high sensitivity drive units, top quality crossover parts from Mundorf and internal wiring from Cardas Audio. Touch F10 has an unconventional hybrid resonance transmission line phase inverter directed to the floor which is essential to achieve remarkably fast and detailed low frequency response.


  • Acoustic Design : 2-way passive, hybrid, vented, resonance enclosure.
  • Drive Units : “bullet tweeter” with ketone polymer diaphragm, 10” high sensitivity paper cone woofer
  • Frequency Range : 30 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Phase Response (acoustic) : +/-10 degrees (100 Hz – 20 kHz)
  • MAX Continous SPL : 100 dB @ 30 Hz, 115 dB (95 Hz-20 kHz)
  • Sensitivity : 93 dB 1W/1m
  • Amplification : Amplifiers are not included. Recommended amplifier power for a single loudspeaker is 1-150W
  • Dimensions : 40(W) x 115(H) x 50(D), 35 kg (each)
  • Minimum distance from the loudspeaker to the listening spot – 1.8m.
  • Minimum distance from the loudspeaker to the wall behind - 0.5m

Reflector Audio

Touch F10 (PAIR)

€7,900.00 EUR




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