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Resonessence Labs Veritas : 

Resonessence Labs are proud to announce that their latest Audio DAC product, VERITAS is now shipping. Featuring the very latest in Sabre chip technology from ESS Technology the ES9028PRO. In celebration of the fact that we are the first company to introduce a product that has the PRO series Sabre chip at its core we are offering a choice of three colors, Black, Silver and Gold. Each unit is machined out of a solid block of Aluminum and measure just 7.3” x 5.9” x 1.96”.


Dynamic ESS Sabre DAC Implementation Featuring the Sabre ES9028PRO Audio DAC circuitry with the latest Hyperstream technology
  • The ESS Sabre Pro series DAC is the world’s highest performance 32-bit audio DAC solution.
  • Resonessence Labs Always On technology for increased audio quality.
  Exceptional Value
  • Engineered with more conveniences than a standard DAC
  • Adaptable for home use or in the recording studio.
  • Designed by the chassis designers at IMWorks, and Resonessence engineers intimately familiar with the exceptional ESS Sabre DAC. Designed, produced, and manufactured in Canada.
  • Provides endless hours of high-fidelity audio playback.
  • Minimal amounts of noise and distortion and accurate frequency response
Flexible I/O
  • Accepts data via AES, S/PDIF (2 sources, RCA1 &2), Toslink and USB (2.0)
  • RCA + XLR analog outputs.
  • Supports all major audio inputs and outputs.


Specification General Value Units Notes
Width 18.5 (7.3) cm (in)
Depth 15.0 (5.9) cm (in)
Height 5.0 (1.96) cm (in) with feet
Weight 5.0 (2.3) lb (Kg) Approximate
Operating Voltage 110-250 VAC 110-250 Volt Power supply
Fuse Rating
Power Consumption Watts


XLR Output

Amplitude 4.0 VrmsDiff At 0dB volume
Impedance <1 ohm
Distortion + Noise Better than105dB dB
Dynamic Range Better than 125dB dB
Frequency Response -0.1 dB at 20kHz 44.1kS/s
-0.1 dB at 50kHz 192kS/s
-0.5 dB at 80kHz 192kS/s


RCA Output

Amplitude 2.0 Vrms
Impedance <1 ohm
Distortion + Noise Better than 105dB dB
Dynamic Range Better than 120dB dB
Frequency Response -0.1 dB at 20kHz 44.1kS/s
-0.1 dB at 50kHz 192kS/s
-0.5 dB at 80kHz 192kS/s


Other Features

ESS Sabre 9028 PRO Hyperstream II technology
PCM All data rates upto and including 384k sample rates
DSD DSD 64 & DSD128
1x Toslink input
2x RCA inputs (SPDIF) Full galvanic isolation
1x AES (SPDIF/AES) Full galvanic isolation
OLED screen
Rotary Dial For volume control and Function key
7 Filter options
Remote Control Apple IR remote control
Milled all Aluminum chassis CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum

Resonessence Labs


€2,800.00 EUR




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