• Seven MKII (PAIR)
  • Seven MKII (PAIR)
  • Seven MKII (PAIR)


Vandersteen Seven MkII


The Model Seven Mk II was achieved by mechanically altering the "acoustic lens" that surrounds midrange and tweeter, aligning the acoustic centers of those drivers just enough to substantially decrease the amount of hand-tuning required for the compensation network.

The result is even more natural, open sound for a soundstage that is palpably taller, wider, and more "3D" in its image focus and specificity. Additional improvements were realized by weaving the voice-coil leads directly into the spiders of the push-pull subwoofer cones in the powered subwoofer, strengthening the connection between the Model Seven MK II's integral power amplifier and subwoofer, allowing increased linear excursion for even greater bass authority in the subterranean (100Hz and below)

Perfect-Piston™ driver diaphragms. Vandersteen has revolutionized loudspeaker design by combining structural engineering and material technology to create diaphragms that act as perfect pistons throughout their operating ranges and beyond. The unique diaphragm material used to make Vandersteen Perfect Piston™ Drivers marries carbon fiber and balsa wood in a unique 3-layer configuration with the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio available and allows all direct-radiating drivers to utilize diaphragms made from the same materials.

Fusion™ Subwoofers. The unique dual-motor, push-pull subwoofers, two curvilinear aluminum cones sandwiched together with an exotic honeycomb material built-in to Vandersteen Model Seven Mk II loudspeakers are unlike anything else on the market. They don’t simply “augment” bass. They extend the low-frequency response of the speakers while reducing distortion in the midrange. Bass response and harmonic response are fused together in a seamless blend, maintaining full-range amplitude linearity and phase-response.

Stealth™ Enclosures. The structure or body of a musical instrument, like a piano, violin, or guitar, is designed to add rich and pleasing resonances to the sound of the strings. Any sound created by the structure of a loudspeaker is distortion so all resonances should be eliminated. Vandersteen Stealth™  enclosures eliminate these distortions by virtually eliminating resonances, minimizing baffle dimensions and covering the remaining surfaces with non-reflective materials, and carefully contouring all edges. Vandersteen speaker enclosures are acoustically inert. All structural panels are made from proprietary constrained-layer-damped materials and are heavily braced. Vandersteen Model Seven Mk II speakers have additional carbon fiber layers applied inside and out with a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave.

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