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Signal Projects Revita : 

Revita is a concentrated cleaning liquid for vinyl records, based on an advanced alcohol free chemical formula that contains non-toxic and non-flammable ingredients. Thanks to the ultra-thin molecular structure, Revita will penetrate effectively into the vinyl grooves, and regardless the depth and the intensity of the print, will efficiently clean and regenerate their surface.

A gentle treatment is enough to remove static, to restore vinyl shine and to eliminate noises caused by dust, residues and moisture. A proper mix mix with distilled water, will dry completely after treatment without leaving any thin-wall layer on vinyl surfaces.

In practice, Revita will help phono cartridges to achieve the optimum contact with the grooves of records and to reveal all the printed information with higher accuracy and increased clarity.

Suggested mix : 
- 200 ml Revita liquid with 5 liters of distilled water, or

- 40 ml Revita liquid with 1 liter of distilled water

Recommended use : 
Revita is iedal for record cleaning machines and vinyl cleaning cloths.

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