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Millennium Audio Visoin Silentor:

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This high-end record weight puck ensures peace and stability in the sound. Disturbing bearing noise, which is transferred to the plate via the axis of rotation of the drive,

is reliably damped by the 8-chamber antiresonance system with quartz sand filling and discharged via the carbon surface.

Because of the sophisticated precision mechanics of this elaborately produced high-end product,

the turntable axis is not damaged in any case, because there is no metallic contact.

Due to the high contact pressure, the record takes a very intimate contact with the record surface or the mat used, whereby disturbing resonance energy is dissipated and does not end in the vinyl.

Especially in conjunction with the Millennium turntable pads, you achieve an amazing richness of detail and amazing dynamics of the music!


Weight: 750 gr

Finish: steinless steel.

Damping:Big Carbon washers

Sanding Material: Quartz

Millennium Audio Vision

Silentor Carbon

€139.00 EUR




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