• Silver3 ANA+ speaker cables (PAIR)
  • Silver3 ANA+ speaker cables (PAIR)


Way Silver3 ANA+ speaker cables (PAIR)

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We are in love with these exceptionnal quality for the price handmade jewels!
They beat the competition at higher price!
Both versions, Spade or banana silver speaker cables provide:
  • Deep background silence when the music is playing,
  • Lower and muscular bass,
  • Clearer and more precise low and upper mid-range,
  • Pronounced details and tactility in the higher spectrum.while three-dimensional sound-staging and resolution,real life sound,
  • With better electronics SILVER 3 Ana+ shows its great features even more.

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»WAY Cables reveal what the High-End audio is all about, providing the listener deep insight into the art of music«
These are exclusive High-End audio cables with ultimate sound features and exceptional handmade quality in limited quantities,
far superior to factory mass production quality standards.
Plus Series is new generation of WAY Cables that completely substitute former product range,
while lineup is enriched with all new flagship speaker cable – Endless.
Way cables offer 3 ranges of solutions for each analog and digital RCA, analog and AES-EBU XLR, jumpers and speakers cables.
They also have USB and Power cables...


Cotton has 1.3k, which is the closest to the dielectric properties of a Vacuum and of Air and almost two-times better permittivity
than other plastic materials that are most commonly used for making audio cables.
Moreover, Pure Cotton has the best influence on the sound, as natural and as organic as its origin.
Pure silver WBT RCA and speaker connectors,
Silver-clad OFC WireWorld XLR plugs,
4N silver-plated 4N copper customized IeGO power connectors with anodised aluminium damping ring,
Gold-plated Copper customized USB connectors.
In addition to their technical superiority, Silver conductors reach over 106% of conductivity that brings fantastic audio results.
EQL-WAY™ Identical solid core wires,
DIF-WAY™ Different solid core wires,
TT-WAY™ Twisted tapes,
HYB-WAY™ Multi core hybrid.

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  • Design: UXD1-WAY™ / Unique Xtreme Damping System from vibrations, noise and electrical interference
  • Conductors: EQL-WAY™ / Solid-core identical wires
  • Material: 5N single crystal silver
  • Gauge: 13.6 AWG / 2.28 mm² total per single cable
  • Insulation: COT-WAY™ / Cotton with 1.3 dielectric constant
  • Plugs: WireWorld Uni-Term banana or spade connector with silver-clad OFC contacts


Silver3 ANA+ speaker cables (PAIR)

€2,995.00 EUR




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