• Spectral Audio DMA250 Reference preamplifier
  • Spectral Audio DMA250 Reference preamplifier


Spectral Audio DMA250 Reference preamplifier.

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The DMA-250 High Resolution Amplifier shares with other Spectral components the creative uncompromising use of edge-of-the-art technology,
dedicated precision manufacture, and Spectral's experience with live sound at recording sessions.
From extensive listening and design experimentation,
Spectral has consistently pioneered component systems having fast settling, high-speed circuit architecture.
These have invariably outperformed more traditional often cumbersome high-end design methods to achieve superlative detail,
staging and listener involvement.
Indeed, test methodology simulating music waveforms and hearing acuity confirm that quickness of response
and rapid signal extinction when reproducing complex dynamics are mandatory for accurate music reproduction.
Only then can one preserve instantaneous waveform accuracy to prevent cover-up of delicate musical signals by previous events.
Construction and performance of the Spectral DMA-250 High Resolution Amplifier for this demanding criterion
and resulting sonic resolution are unmatched among contemporary high-end amplifier designs..

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2nd Hand

Spectral Audio DMA250 Reference preamplifier

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