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Lumin T1

Accessible performance

All the award-winning LUMIN musicality wrapped in a different package.


When developing LUMIN T1, our aim was to try and retain all the award-winning LUMIN musicality while enabling it to be heard by a wider audience.

Targeting higher production quantities has allowed a change in manufacturing techniques, resulting in exactly the same audio experience as one of the best reviewed sources out there.

Losing nothing but 5kg

*Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel

*Precision-machined aluminium front panel with a clean, folded aluminium chassis

*Output connectors coupled with dual LUNDAHL LL7401 output transformers

*External dual-toroidal power supply

*DSD playback and upsampling

*Supports DoP (DSD over PCM) for the BNC SPDIF output.

All the usual LUMIN refinements;

From MQA to DSD, FLAC to WAV, LUMIN can play all the high-resolution formats you could ever want

Native support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and AirPlay, giving you access to tens of millions of songs

The unique and intuitive LUMIN App described as "the most convenient interface in existence" by Tinman

LUMIN programme of continuous development that has seen Roon, MQA, and Spotify support added in 2017 alone.


DSD Support:DSD 2.8MHz, 1-bit

PCM Support:Up to 384kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo

Analog Output Stage: Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, 1 chip per channel

Fully balanced layout with high-quality components

Output connectors coupled with dual LUNDAHL LL7401 output transformers

Digital Output Stage: HDMI: DSD 2.8MHz, 1-bit PCM 44.1–192kHz, 16–24-bit, Stereo

BNC SPDIF: PCM 44.1kHz–192kHz, 16–24-bit DSD (DoP, DSD over PCM) 2.8MHz, 1-bit

Power Supply:External dual-toroidal

Available in 240V and 110V versions


Finish: Raw brushed aluminium

Lumin:326mm (W), 295mm (D), 60mm (H), 3kg

PSU: 100mm (W), 295mm (D), 55mm (H), 2kg

Specification for all LUMIN music streamers

Streaming Protocol: UPnP AV protocol with audio streaming extension (OpenHome)

Roon Ready

Spotify Connect

Apple AirPlay

Gapless Playback

On-Device Playlist

App Features:

Native support for TIDAL, MQA, Qobuz and TuneIn Radio.

Tidal MQA icons to identify high-res music

Qobuz high-res icons to identify high-res music

Volume control High-resolution artwork

Artwork caching


Multiple tag handling

Composer tag support

Album-grouping in playlist

Automatic internet links to artists/album/songs

Saving and restoring of playlists (including Tidal and Qobuz)

Supported Audio File Formats:

DSD Lossless: DSF (DSD), DIFF (DSD), DoP (DSD)

PCM Lossless: FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), WAV, AIFF

Compressed (lossy) Audio: MP3, AAC (in M4A container)


Input: Ethernet RJ45 network 100Base-T

USB storage, flash drive, USB hard disk (FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and EXT2/3)

Analogue Audio Outputs:XLR balanced, 4Vrms, pin 2 Hot RCA unbalanced, 2Vrms

Supported Control Devices:

All models of Apple iPad (v2 or later). iOS 8.0 or later required. Full Retina Display support.

Android devices. Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later required


Programme of Continuous Development – Firmware-upgradable for further features and enhancements



€4,499.00 EUR




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