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TruLife Audio Argo - Tube Phono Stage Preamplifier : 

Trulifeaudio is a company that makes state of the art single ended triode audio equipment of world class standard. There are three lines of products that TLA makes, the main line is called the "XACTIVE" and it is on this line that all topologies are first applied. The "XACTIVE" series is implemented with minimal active parts used in the signal path, dedicated power supply and valve rectification with choke filters for each stage, zero feedback and interstage transformers from one stage to the next. Exactly the same implementation is applied to our higher series which is the "PERSONAL" series of products, the difference between these two lines is that the "Xactive" is of regular production, while the "Personal", as the name suggests, is a line where the customer is personally involved as to have his own unique design and appearance as well as naming of the device, both the "Xactive" and the "Personal" lines are implemented like being "Xactive Sound Reproduction Instruments".


- Top of the line world class components
- Point to point hand wiring on a very special Teflon board.
- Silver solid core conductor for audio and PSU circuits.
- Full dual mono!
- 2 power supplies .
- 2 transformers and 4 chokes only with M6 lamination !
- No feedback
- Class A


- Frequency response : 15Hz ~ 70kHz
- Vacuum Tubes : 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x2, EZ81 x2
- Gain MM : 44 dB
- Gain MC : 68 dB
- Input/impedance : RCA 1pair / 47kΩ - XLR 1pair / 47kΩ
- Output/ impedance : RCA 1 pair/200 Ohm - XLR 1 pair/200 Ohm
- Power consumption : 52W
- Dimensions : 480mm(W) 185mm(H) 460mm(D)
- Weight : 20kg

TruLife Audio


€15,700.00 EUR




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