• Ultra SS - w/o Base
  • Ultra SS - w/o Base


Stillpoints Ultra SS - w/o Base : 

Stillpoints Ultra footers are the state-of-the-art and the most sophisticated vibration control devices ever designed. Vertical vibration is transferred to horizontal motion and the vibration energy is converted to heat.

Stillpoints Ultra footers will support the weight of virtually any component or speaker you own. While they might seem expensive, once you hear what they do for the sound of your system we know you will be impressed!

Stillpoints produces consistent improvements in clarity, articulation, natural image size, and tonal color, all without tipping the frequency balance of your system. You'll hear your music more and your system less, regardless of the performance level of your components and rack. This is only the beginning of the Stillpoints system!


Ultra SS - w/o Base

€250.00 EUR




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