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  • WA234 Mono
  • WA234 Mono


Woo Audio WA234 Mono - Headphone and Speaker Amplifier : 

The World’s First Mono-block Headphone and Speaker Amplifier. This innovative monoblock amplifier not only supports both speaker and headphone output modes, but also offers the audiophile a choice of power tubes. 

Increase your options : 
Whereas a typical tube amplifier allows you to use only one type of power tube (or a substitute with a similar rating), the 234 MONO increases your options in an elegant way. A tube switching key (TSK) allows the amplifier to accept either 2A3, 300B, or 45 power tubes, so you can instantly switch your tube to suit your music or your mood. Similarly, an output switching key (OSK) allows the listener to switch between speaker and headphone output modes, making it possible to enjoy a piece of music through headphones, then immediately share it with friends through speakers. To make the 234 MONO even more versatile, Woo Audio created OSKs for cathode and plate outputs for high and low-impedance headphones.

Have the best of both worlds : 
The 234 MONO is a discrete mono block, Class A amplifier with all triode drive. No semi-conductors are used anywhere in the circuit. With the addition of all the listening options, you have the best of all worlds: an audiophile headphone amp and speaker amp in one. What’s more, you can then switch from a 2A3 to a 300B or a 45 tube at any given moment. You are sure to find combinations that will surprise and delight you.

Ingenuity equaled by elegance : 
The ingenuity of this cutting-edge product is equaled by the elegance of its design. Twin units comprising smooth layers of aluminum and featuring voluptuous curves, are crowned by tubes. With its unparalleled versatility and stylish good looks, how can the audiophile or music lover fail to be seduced by what must be the ultimate sound experience?

Woo Audio

WA234 Mono

€17,499.00 EUR




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