Review : Denon PMA-50

Posted on 10 September 2015

Denon PMA-50 Integrated Amplifier reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Vade Forrester

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Conclusion :
In my view, the Denon PMA-50 hits the bulls-eye as a beginner-level hi-fi component: It looks good, sounds good, has a lot of features for its price, is easy to hook up and blessedly easy to use. Its features, including remote control and Bluetooth connectivity, are genuinely useful. Even though its power is limited, it’s very competitive for the price. Actually, there’s no reason to restrict all this hi-fi goodness to beginners; the PMA would make a terrific centerpiece for a bedroom or office system. Pricewise, I can’t think of a better value.

The Denon PMA-50 may not be state of the art (what would you expect for this kind of money?), but it may be state of the start(up).

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