Review : Avantgarde Acoustics Trio

Posted on 16 July 2015

Avantgarde Acoustics Trio/Basshorn Loudspeaker Systems reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Jonathan Valin

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Conclusion :
A horn system with top-to-bottom coherence, bloom, three-dimensional body, air, lifelike focus, and sensational stage width and continuousness, to go with the phenomenal dynamic range, lifelike speed of attack, and the superb resolution that such speakers have always excelled at delivering. A horn system with bass that (finally) matches the beauty, speed, and power of its midrange.

Of course, you’re going to need a good-sized room to house these critters (which is why they’re not sitting in my digs at this very moment). And only time will tell whether they’ll fully satisfy in the long term. But in the short term, after listening to scores of albums (and some digital, too), I can tell you that I haven’t heard a better (non-digitized) horn loudspeaker at anywhere near this price. (When you consider that the entire Avantgarde system—Trio-G2s and six powered Basshorns—comes in at about $170k, you’ve got to think that this is, if not a bargain, a pretty damn good deal by ultra-high-end pricing standards, especially compared to the near-million-dollar horn systems it is competing against.)

Obviously the Avantgarde/Trio-G2 system comes with my very highest recommendation—and my genuine applause for all that Holger Fromme, Avantgarde’s CEO, and Matthias Ruff have done to improve these classics. If you like your music big, powerful, detailed, beautiful, and coherent (and you have the space to house them and the money to properly amplify them), the Avantgarde Trio-G2/Basshorns are certainly must-auditions.

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