Review : Synergistic Research Galileo LE

Posted on 24 June 2014

Synergistic Research Galileo Cables, Speaker, Interconnect, and Power Cords reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Jonathan Valin

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Conclusion :
While no one would ever call Galileo or Galileo LE “slow” (which is to say, lacking in pace), neither is it quite as incisive and well-defined on the leading edges of transients, or as toe-tappingly tuneful in the bass, as Crystal Cable’s (much more expensive) Absolute Dream. In addition to these differences in speed and timing, I’d also say that the Absolute Dream has (at lower volumes—the difference narrows at higher ones) a slightly wider soundstage than Galileo LE and a somewhat deeper-going low end, though the differences here are very small. Don’t let any of this bother you. Without question Galileo LE is high among the most gorgeous and lifelike cables I’ve heard— and perhaps the highest in very-low-level resolution of timbre and texture. Yes, you do trade a small measure of transient speed and pace for LE’s richer, denser, more beauteous tone color and more lifelike weight and authority. But this is a trade I think many listeners would be more than willing to make, especially when they consider the cost of Galileo LE vis-à-vis the company it keeps. Here is state-of-the-art wire at a price that many companies ask for their second-tier offerings. It should go without saying that I recommend this stuff most highly and enthusiastically. Indeed, alongside Crystal Cable’s Absolute Dream, Galileo LE has become my reference, and will likely be a Product of the Year Award-winner come January.

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