Review : Furutech DeMag

Posted on 17 September 2013

Furutech DeMag LP Demagnetizer reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Jacob Heilbrunn

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Conclusion :
So where does the DeMag fall in the pantheon of analog products? Here’s the skinny: I’m not going to tell you that the DeMag will magically transform beat-up old records, turning dross into gold. It won’t. Nor is it an essential piece of equipment. You can probably get more bang for the buck by upgrading a cartridge or tonearm or maybe even by improving the isolation of your ’table with a device like the Minus K product.

But if you’re pretty much set on your analog rig and looking for a nifty upgrade—one, let’s face it, that will likely have your friends questioning your sanity until they experience what demagnetizing an lP accomplishes—then the Furutech DeMag is a no-brainer. Put bluntly, Furutech, which makes a variety of devices for improving analog playback, has hit a home run with the DeMag.

If you think this makes me sound bonkers, so be it. I only know what I hear. And what I’ve heard, and am hearing, has more than convinced me that I would be guilty of dereliction of duty if I passed up procuring this cutting-edge device. There are many bogus offerings in the high end that promise improved performance. This is not one of them. The DeMag simply magnetized me with its stellar performance.

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