Review : VPI Scout 1.1

Posted on 26 August 2013

VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Scot Hull

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Conclusion : 
Let me say it plain: the scout 1.1 is great turntable and an obvious, solid recommendation. While I can’t really see this as an entry-level product, I can see it as the object of lust after that first turntable. I think that for the majority of audiophiles, acquiring a scout means they can pretty much hang it up. Yes, you can get a better cart, a better tonearm, or a beefier platter. And you probably will, because you’re an audiophile and that’s what you do. Fine; whenever you get around to it, VPI can help you with an upgrade path. The scout can handle all of that stuff, and you’ll still have a lot of room left over before an actual upgrade of the turntable itself is warranted. I think that’s the message here: value. I think this ’table, expensive though it may be, marks very good value. You can, and probably will (at some point) spend far more and get less. The challenge you’ll find, however, is to spend more—and actually get a significantly better-sounding turntable. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Good luck.

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