Review : Ortofon MC Anna

Posted on 26 June 2013

Ortofon MC Anna Moving-Coil Cartridge reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Jonathan Valin

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Conclusion :
All in all, what we have in the MC Anna is a cartridge that is far more likely to please far more listeners. It still has the kind of neutrality and resolution that transparency-first listeners crave; on first-rate sources it sounds as fool-ya realistic as any absolute sound listener could possibly hope for; and with its newfound density of color and dynamic clout, it is beautiful and exciting enough to delight the “as you like it” crowd.

Naturally, the Ortofon MC Anna receives my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. It is a reference-grade cartridge that significantly improves upon the reference-grade cartridge (the A90) that preceded it. In fact, I think the Anna is the most natural-sounding cartridge the venerable Danish company has made in a century of doing business!

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