Review : Jeff Rowland Corus + 725

Posted on 28 January 2013

Jeff Rowland Design Group Corus Lifestage and 725 Monoblock Amplifiers reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Robert Harley

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Conclusion :
The Jeff Rowland Corus linestage and 725 power amplifiers are world-class electronics in every sense of the phrase. They are stunningly gorgeous to look at, a delight to use on a daily basis courtesy of their exemplary user interface, and intensely musical. Moreover, they are backed by an American company with a 26-year track record. Frankly, considering the build-quality, the technology, and musical performance, they are a great value. Although $13,600 for a linestage and $29,800 for a pair of amplifiers is hardly inexpensive, many other companies routinely charge more for less. These electronics were perfectly at home in the context of the $165,000 Magico Q7 and $54,000 Basis Inspiration turntable.

Beyond the specific sonic characteristics I’ve described, the Corus and 725 were unfailingly musical. They’re the kind of electronics that seem to disappear from the signal path rather than make you constantly aware of their presence. At the end of the day a good yardstick for audio component quality is how quickly and how deeply they immerse you in the musical expression. By those fundamental criteria, the Corus and 725 are a home run.

The Corus and 725 are so visually appealing that you might be tempted to think of them as boutique products—all frills and little substance. But they are at their heart serious pieces of engineering that represent Jeff Rowland’s more than 40 years of experience in amplifier design. The Corus and 725 are truly examples of beauty flowing from the inside out.

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