Review : Audeze EL-8 Open & Closed

Posted on 11 August 2015

Audeze EL-8 Open & Closed Headphones reviewed on by Lieven

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Conclusion :
I don’t really see the EL-8s as little brothers of the LCD series, they are a design of their own with their own characteristics. The open version is quite good but not good enough for me to lay down the well amped HD650 (big fan!) and the easy to drive HE-400i. That being said, I am convinced a whole lot of people will love its sound and they will prefer it over the slow HD650 and smooth HE-400i. It depends on what you expect from a headphone, and it is an Audeze after all. I’m pretty sure that those who are coming from a lower end headphone will absolutely love it but my advice is to listen to the other mentioned headphones first if you have the possibility to. I never expected to type this because I love every single headphone Audeze ever made up to now, I just expected too much of the EL-8s I guess.

The EL-8s are not as transparent and detailed as the LCD line-up but the more you listen to the EL-8O, the more you will like it. Again, the open version is a pretty good headphone but it’s not the best headphone in this segment for me. The love for the closed version unfortunately didn’t really come. I wouldn’t be surprised if Audeze came out with a new revision of that closed version in the near future.

For those on a budget wanting an orthodynamic headphone there nowadays are several options in the price range. Do look at the low priced and new Hifiman HE-400S and some of the offerings of Mr. Speakers as well. Owning an Audeze headphone on the other hand is always something magical and if you think the EL-8O suits your tastes best, you can buy it from their online store (free shipping in the US) or via one of their dealers.

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